Friday, July 13, 2012


Water is Fiji's thing, pineapples are Hawaii's thing, and well, cheese is more than just a thing in Turrialba. Mastering the cheese making process was not something I thought I would be learning about. Nonetheless, here we were in front of cows learning the technique of the infamous Turrialba Cheese. Cheese can be aged, it can be new, it can come from a cow or it can come from a goat, the one thing that is for sure is that the Tico's love it which means there is money to be made. Carla, an amazing Costa Rican native, was muy paciente with me through all of this, since my Spanish is less than basic. Her family owns a farm where they produce a large portion of the cheese sold in Turrialba. Now that cheese is coming from my ears I have to go! Costa Rica is waiting for me!

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